WWW Power

Power Capability Statement – August 2020

WWW Power

are consultants and project managers for extra high voltage underground power cables for advice on design and supervision and/ or advice to contractors and end users. We can also act on behalf of cable manufacturers where they have no specialized resources at project sites no matter where those sites are located in the world. We can also supply specialized jointing teams if required by our clients. We did the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the replacement of the Auckland City Cable when it plunged Auckland into darkness back in 1998.

As contractors and project managers we can design, supply, install & commission a complete system.

We provide training of the systems we install, and will do maintenance and through life support after systems are handed over.

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We also provide related supply & installion of power products such as Distributed Temperature, flow batteries, joints, etc

Recent Projects

Transmission line designs and reviews, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, N. Territory.

High voltage cable design and supervision of installations at international sites

Various sites/applications, Technical manager for Campbell White

Certification and design of earthing and power supply designs, safety

Down hole bore skids for gas well dewatering, Mondora, Melbourne/Adelaide

High voltage underground cable problems for 33kV and 220kV in Australia.

WWW projects fibre optic cable